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Terrell Carver, UK
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Contemporary Political Theory now offers authors of accepted papers the option to publish their articles with immediate open access upon publication. Find out more from our FAQs page.


2011 marks 10th Anniversary for Contemporary Political Theory

In 2011 Contemporary Political Theory is celebrating the publication of its 10th Volume. To mark the occasion the Editorial Team has selected ten of the most significant papers that the journal has published, and we are making them available to download for free throughout the year! We are also highlighting papers by the new CPT Editors Terrell Carver and Samuel A. Chambers - please check out our ‘Meet the Editors’ page.

New Contemporary Political Theory Editors

Contemporary Political Theory and Palgrave Macmillan are delighted to announce the appointment of Terrell Carver and Samuel A. Chambers as editors of the journal from 1 July 2010. Professor Carver is based at the University of Bristol, UK, and Professor Chambers at Johns Hopkins University, USA. Please see our ‘Meet the Editors’ page for further information and free articles.

Critical Exchanges

The Critical Exchanges section will feature reviews and review essays on books that are of interest to contemporary political theorists working in a range of disciplines. In addition, we will periodically sponsor forums by soliciting 3-4 scholars to write responses to a book, cultural work (such as a museum exhibition, performance, film, or television series) or political event. Proposals invited: please email ldisch@umich.edu

Social Science Citation Index

We are delighted to announce that Contemporary Political Theory has been accepted by Thomson Reuters for indexing and inclusion in the Social Science Citation Index.


Isaiah Berlin: Liberalism and pluralism in theory and practice
Jason Ferrell, February 2008, Volume 7, Number 1 FREE

Contemporary Political Theory is pleased to highlight our recent interview with APSA President Carole Pateman. For a limited time read Steve On’s Interview for free.

Dialogues with Political Theorists

We are pleased to introduce ‘Dialogues with Political Theorists’, an ongoing series of interview articles in which leading contemporary theorists discuss the development of their thinking and the figures who have influenced their work.

Volume 9 Issue 4 of CPT includes “Republicanism, philosophy of freedom and the history of ideas”, in which Philip Pettit discusses the development of his work and thinking with Maria Dimova-Cookson.



Volume 9 Issue 2 of CPT includes a comprehensive dialogue with incoming President of the American Political Science Association Carole Pateman, in which she discusses her distinguished work in the fields of political theory and feminism with Steve On.



In this engaging interview with Mark Wenman, the renowned political theorist William Connolly discusses many of the concerns that have shaped his long and distinguished career, including: his understanding of political pluralism, his relation to Nietzsche, Foucault and Deleuze, his theory of ‘immanent naturalism’, and his recent work on contemporary capitalism.



In the second in CPT’s series of ‘Dialogues with Political Theorists’, Gary Browning interviews Bonnie Honig and discusses the development of her career and current thinking, including the contemporary thinkers who have influenced her work such as Jacques Derrida and Hannah Arendt, Honig’s valorization of politics and her critique of forms of virtue politics.



CPT’s series of ‘Dialogues with Political Theorists’ continues in Volume 8 Issue 1 with Gulshan Khan interviewing Jane Bennett. The discussion covers the encounters that have contributed to Bennett’s distinctive notion of ‘vital materiality’.



Volume 8 Issue 2 of CPT includes this wide-ranging discussion with Michael Saward, in which Benjamin Barber talks about democratic theory, interdependence and his practical work and writings in US Politics.


CPT’s series of Dialogues with Political Theorists continues in Volume 8 Issue 3 with a conversation between Simon Tormey and Gerald Cohen, who discusses a variety of topics from his thoughts on analytical Marxism to his views on state of the discipline of political philosophy.


Forthcoming ‘Dialogues’ will feature other contemporary theorists of note.