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Frantz Rowe, France

Richard Baskerville, USA
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2012 Stafford Beer Medal

EJIS and the OR Society are delighted to announce the 2012 winner of the Stafford Beer Medal, awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of Information Systems and / or Knowledge Management published in EJIS or KMRP each year. The 2012 Medal is awarded for the outstanding paper from Volume 20 (2011):

  1. Decision support or support for situated choice: lessons for system design from effective manual systems FREE

    Reeva Lederman and Robert B Johnston

    European Journal of Information Systems 20(5): 510-528; advance online publication, April 19, 2011

This paper identifies the practical and theoretical aspects of effective manual systems in highly skilled, time-constrained (but routine and structured) environments such as air-traffic control, ambulance despatch or hospital wards. Here, manual systems have often resisted digitisation and provide physical, shared systems that offer multiple users valuable cues for action.

Using a hospital case study the authors have identified features of these situated choice support systems and showed how they differ from traditional models of Decision Support. This research makes a distinctive contribution to understanding effective manual systems and the information systems design implications raised for both manual and digital systems. We therefore have great pleasure in awarding the authors this year's Stafford Beer Award.

This paper is free to read and download throughout December 2012.

Previous winners of the Stafford Beer Medal are listed here.


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