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Recent Key Content

  1. Fair Valuation and Risk Assessment of Dynamic Hybrid Products in Life Insurance: A Portfolio Consideration*  FREE

    Alexander Bohnert and Nadine Gatzert

    The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice 39: 148-172; Published online, 03 January 2014; doi:10.1057/gpp.2013.10

  2. Attitudes Towards Income Risk in the Presence of Quantity Constraints*  FREE

    Fred Schroyen

    The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review 38: 183-209; Published online, 25 November 2013; doi:10.1057/grir.2013.3

  3. Financial derivatives between Western legal tradition and Islamic finance: A comparative approach  FREE

    Bashar H Malkawi

    Journal of Banking Regulation 15: 41-55; Published online, 09 January 2013; doi:10.1057/jbr.2012.18

  4. Psycho-social factors impacting credit acquisition and use by college students  FREE

    James W Peltier, Nadia Pomirleanu, Michael Endres and Ereni Markos

    Journal of Financial Services Marketing 18: 271-284; Published online, 22 November 2013; doi:10.1057/fsm.2013.20

  5. Board behaviours: Bringing challenge in the bank boardroom  FREE

    Mary Halton

    International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 10: 422-441; Published online, 12 September 2013; doi:10.1057/jdg.2013.28

  6. Factors that affect the performance of distressed securities hedge funds  FREE

    Georgi Bontschev and Martin Eling

    Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds 19: 159-180; Published online, 24 December 2013; doi:10.1057/jdhf.2013.12