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  • For information about who to contact on any specific Palgrave Macmillan journal, go to the list of Palgrave Macmillan Journals, select the journal and choose a link on the left.
  • To find a member of staff please see the contact list below.

Queries about accepted manuscripts in production

Our production department is pleased to help with queries about articles in press that have been accepted for publication. Please contact the relevant production controller listed below:

Sharon Hewins - Production Editor for:

Emily Willis - Production Editor for:

Michelle Lo - Production Editor for:

Laura Buchan - Production Editor for:

ONS Titles:

Deborah Hutchinson - Production Editor for:

Our production priorities are timeliness and excellence in quality.


Publishing Managers

Every journal is individually managed to ensure that it meets the needs of its authors and readers in the most effective way. The main emphasis of our publishing policy is maximum worldwide exposure of journals, ensuring our international dissemination of knowledge across all of our disciplines.

Our publishing staff would be happy to hear from you about one of our journals or any new publishing venture you may be considering:

Amy Shackleton - Publishing Manager of:

Justine Hope - Publishing Manager of:

ONS Titles:

Marta Kask - Publishing Manager of:

Steven Ottogalli - Publishing Manager of:

Lucy Wheeler - Publishing Manager of:


Customer Service

If you have any queries about your subscription, please contact the Subscription Department:
E-mail: subscriptions@palgrave.com

For queries about online access or passwords please contact Customer Support:
Institutions - Email: onlinesupportUSA@palgrave.com (Americas),
href="mailto:onlinesupport@palgrave.com">onlinesupport@palgrave.com (Rest of world).
Personal - Email: subscriptions@palgrave.com.



To order reprints of articles contact:
Reprint Department
Tel: + 44 (0) 1256 302962
Fax: + 44 (0) 1256 328339
E-mail: reprint department


Obtaining permissions

To obtain permission to reproduce or reuse text or images from our journals please contact the rights office:
E-mail: rights@palgrave.com



Queries about advertising should be addressed to:


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