Volume 5, Issue 3 (Fall 2014)

The Holocaust and the Middle Ages

Editors: Hannah Johnson and Nina Caputo


About the Cover

About the Cover FREE

Hannah Johnson and Nina Caputo

Postmedieval 5: 269; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.28


Editors’ Introduction

The middle ages and the Holocaust: Medieval anti-Judaism in the crucible of modern thought FREE

Hannah Johnson and Nina Caputo

Postmedieval 5: 270-277; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.20



Exegetical history: Nazis at the round table

Martin Shichtman and Laurie A Finke

Postmedieval 5: 278-294; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.23

‘Modern and genuine Mediaevalism’: Guido Kisch’s romance with the German middle ages

Mitchell B Hart

Postmedieval 5: 295-307; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.21

Defending the West: Cultural racism and Pan-Europeanism on the far-right

Daniel Wollenberg

Postmedieval 5: 308-319; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.19

Jean-Claude Milner: Remarks on the name Jew and the universal

Translated by Robert S Kawashima

Postmedieval 5: 320-335; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.22

‘The history of an incorrect term’: Agamben, etymology and the medieval history of the holocaust

Heather Blurton

Postmedieval 5: 336-345; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.24

One or several Jews? The Jewish massed body in Old Norse literature

Richard Cole

Postmedieval 5: 346-358; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.18


Response Essay

Ethics and the voices of the past

Fred Evans

Postmedieval 5: 359-373; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.25


Book Review Essay

Unstable as water

Ruth Nisse

Postmedieval 5: 374-385; doi:10.1057/pmed.2014.26