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The Journals


Recent Key Content

  1. The limits of plot: Accounting for how women interpret stories of sexual assault

    Francesca Polletta, Monica Trigoso, Britni Adams and Amanda Ebner

    American Journal of Cultural Sociology 1: 289-320; Published online, 03 September 2013; doi:10.1057/ajcs.2013.6

  2. Fleshing out the text: The transcendent manuscript in the digital age  FREE

    Elaine Treharne

    postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 4: 465-478; Published online, 20 December 2013; doi:10.1057/pmed.2013.36

  3. Fumblr: The academic failblog  FREE

    Asa Simon Mittman and Shyama Rajendran

    postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 4: 301-304; Published online, 30 September 2013; doi:10.1057/pmed.2013.18

  4. A dangerous neighbor: The news frames of the radiation effects from the Fukushima nuclear accident  FREE

    Junga Kim and Bijie Bie

    Risk Management 15: 180-198; Published online, 10 July 2013; doi:10.1057/rm.2013.4